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Five Baht Elephant. My mother is from Thailand, where elephants are royal animals. Growing up Mom would tell us to save our pennies, "in case a man came to our door selling elephants." At the time we thought it was the most absurd thing ever. Now I realize it was the Thai version of saving for a rainy day. Lets hope that we can buy an elephant for only five baht!



Happy Birthday FRMQG!

happy birthday frmqg

I recently joined the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild I’d been meaning to join for awhile, but couldn’t make any of the meetings until last month.  The February meeting was super fun – the guild’s second birthday party!

pillow swap

Pillows were swapped – part of the Modern Quilt Guild’s Winter Challenge – and gifts were handed out!

gift bag

Super excited. A Fancy Tiger grab bag – 2 fun fat quarters, a tape measure (not pictured), fabric pin and 20% off coupon.  I heart FT!

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