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Five Baht Elephant. My mother is from Thailand, where elephants are royal animals. Growing up Mom would tell us to save our pennies, "in case a man came to our door selling elephants." At the time we thought it was the most absurd thing ever. Now I realize it was the Thai version of saving for a rainy day. Lets hope that we can buy an elephant for only five baht!



Made: December Sugar Block

dec sbc

And I’m done! I finished up the last Sugar Block of 2013. This month’s is a paper pieced block, and I love paper piecing! The end result is always precise and perfect, but I like the process. Stitch, trim, press, fold, stitch….

And I’m a little bit sad. I mean, I’m a lot excited to have the blocks finished and all ready to put together into a quilt top. But I can’t believe that it is December. And that the year is just about over. *sigh*

I am not sure how I’m going to arrange these 12 blocks just yet. But Amy just posted on her blog some pretty suggestions for block arrangement – some of them I hadn’t even considered. I’ll probably also poke around the flickr group in hopes that someone has already finished their quilt top.

I’m really excited that Amy’s hosting another round for 2014.

dec sbc-2

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