What My Mile a Day Challenge Taught Me


(in no particular order)

*that some days are easier than others.

*that I don’t like to run while sick.

*that 5 degree runs aren’t that bad if I double up on tights and tops. And wear a face mask.

*yak trax are amazing (but I knew that already).

*that I really need to plan better or run early in the day.

*that I should invest in an iPhone armband thingie.

*that my running playlist needs some serious help.

*that maybe I should re-visit this challenge during the spring or summer.

*that Miles, at 4 years old and 32lbs, still fits in (and enjoys) the Bob.

*that a short run is always better than no run.

Committing to this challenge seemed easy at Thanksgiving. But faced with an uncommonly long string of single-digit temperatures really made it tough.  Not just for me and my comfort, but I just couldn’t put Miles in the jogging stroller and take him with me when it’s that cold outside. I actually don’t mind running in the cold – in fact, I’ll take that over the heat anytime. And I don’t mind running in the dark either, especially since my sister-in-law gifted me knuckle lights for Christmas. Which are just what they sound like. Lights. For your knuckles.

I missed 9 days out of 35.That earns me a C for this year. But the real benefit I’ve observed is that I’ve re-learned how to run on consecutive days. Since my stress fracture, I’ve been very conservative with my running. Though now I know to follow a hard effort with an easy effort. And I’ve (mostly) gotten over the notion that a run isn’t really a run if it is less than 3 miles.

So I ran. I ran in the dark. I ran early in the morning and late into the evening. I ran during my lunch hour. I ran after work. I ran on a track and around my neighborhood.

I ran and ran. And it was good.

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  1. Christy says

    Love that you took the time to reflect on what you learned! I can’t imagine running in temps that cold! 25 degrees is our cut off. I had an arm band for my iPhone 5, but it was bulky and didn’t work well when I was weight training. I purchased a belt made by Flip Belt called the Level and I love it. It has several openings for keys, phone, id, etc. You can wear it two ways for access/security. Plus, I can run headphone cords under my top and they don’t get snagged on a weight machine.