The Ease at Which He Holds My Hand

For now at least, right? And not just when we’re crossing the street and I force him to hold on to someone.

I’ll reach my arm out to his side, touching his upper arm and shoulder. Without looking at me, Miles reaches up with his hand and hangs on. For just a little while, until something catches his attention and he runs off.

I noticed this on Sunday, while we were at the Boulder Creek Festival. There were so many people and so many things to see – I didn’t want to lose him. I am not even sure why that day I chose to pay attention to how his little hand fit in mine. Or how he seemed to reach for it instinctively. Maybe it was my hyper-awareness of keeping track of my kid and my husband as we made our way from one end of the creek to the other.

At 4-almost-but-not-quite-yet-5 I know that Miles is just going to grow. and grow and grow. And he’s going to need me less and won’t want to hold my hand. For now though, he’s still small and sweet and needs me. I’m going to remember to pay attention to little things like this, to the feeling of having my little guy around. The feeling of him wanting to be around me.

It’s a good feeling, being around these two :)


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  1. Armour says

    Great post. I remember the first time Alex stopped grabbing my finger and started putting her whole hand in mine when we held hands. Gave me a huge lump in my throat!