Work In Progress: The Sewing Circle Tote

Hi friends! May was just a crazy month. A good month. Just crazy busy.

And my poor sewing machine sat. Neglected. While I was off in Ohio, off at work, off to Vegas. Just… not at home in my sewing room.


I finally did get back to the Juki and I got back to work on this crazy-ass tote. The pattern is by Elizabeth Hartman and she calls it The Sewing Circle Tote. I can’t believe I haven’t blogged about this before. (Well, I know I’ve instagram’d it. Can’t keep my ‘share all my projects on social media’ things straight.)

@ the beginning

Don’t be intimidated by the bag. I mean it! You’ll do a search for reviews and all these blog posts come up with folks sharing their story. But don’t be intimidated! You should make this bag. The instructions are very clear, very detailed and easy to follow.

sewing the straps on to the tote

With as many steps as this bag takes, I broke down the tasks as I read through the pattern. And since I like stats and keeping track of progress and spreadsheets, I made a project sheet. Isn’t it great? In all its nerdy glory? By the way, I don’t make project sheets for all my sewing projects, just the ones that have a ba-jillion steps.

Nerd Alert!

So far, I’ve only broken one needle. And I’m using denim needles paired with jeans thread to stitch through all these layers. My machine is having absolutely no trouble with this – this Juki is stitching over these thick seams like a hot knife through butter. I broke my needle by pulling the fabric through, and it must of have just gotten caught on something. Oops.

I broke a needle - gasp!I’m just about finished. I’ll share a post outlining my tips for sewing this tote up when I’m done.

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